Merbella Studios Inc.

Professional Quality, Fully Swimmable, Custom made Mermaid Tails


Octo-tops: The world famous Merbella Studios Octopus top!
-Two designs available

-custom coloring

-unique and realistic eyes

Symmetrical Design:

  -Sizes A-B Cup 32-34 Band


A-semmetrical design:

  -Sizes A-C Cup 32-34 Band


Starfish Bra: A very comfortable fit. The silicone starfish are formed the natural bust. 

-standard starfish coloring (SHOWN)

-fits A-B Cup 32-34 Band            

-Custom coloring +$15

-Swarovski crystal accents +$25


Seaweed Top- A very comfortable and secure top.

-Two designs

-Standar Coloring (as shown)

-Pearl Accents come standard

-CustomColoring +$15

-Swarovski Crystal Accents +$25

Symmetrical Design
Sizes A-C Cup 32-34 Band
Price: $225

A-symmetrical design-
Sizes A-D CUP 32-34 Band
Price: $225

Scale Bra- 

-3 different Types

-custom coloring

-Made with a bra that matches your size

Strapless Scale Bra (can have bra straps)

Price: $95

Scale Halter

XL SIZES (larger than DD)


(must send your bra)

Atlantis Scale Top Add-ons

Small Design

-Over or Under Bust

Price: +$45

Medium Design

-Over or Under Bust

Price: +$45

Large Design

-under bust, Halter/straps

Price +:$55

The Little Mermaid Top: Sleek, comfortable silicone design

-Standard Ariel Purple (shown)

-Cosplay or mermaid costuming

-Sizes A-C Cup 32-34 Band

-Custom Coloring +$15

PRICE: $195

Eagle Ray Top- A unique top designed to look specifically like the Spotted Eagle Ray.

-has unique and realistic eyes

-Standar Colors (Shown)

-Sizes A-C Cup 32-34 Band

-Custom Colors +$15

PRICE: $150

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